Elk Creek Reservoir - Family Fun!!! Our Boat Ramp is    located through the Merrill park entrance across from  Gazebo Park.  Gas Motors are allowed - No Wake Rule.

 Elk Butte Recreation provides boat rentals. 

 Please remember all water safety rules when in or around  the reservoir.

 Idaho Fish and Game stocks and maintains the reservoir  -please remember to take your garbage with you when  you leave - and The City of Elk River gets their drinking  water from Elk Creek, please mind what you are putting  in the water.

 There are plenty of spots to put your pole in the water,  and we are working with Fish and Game to get more new  fishing docks.

 Residents and Non-residents of Idaho must have a  fishing License - Don't forget your fishing license!smiley

 And all boats must be registered in Idaho. You can get  both of  these items at the Elk River Lodge & General  Store if you  haven't already done so.