We will not offer Spigot water service to any of the park areas effective April 15, 2018... This decision has come after much debate and was decided as follows....

The continued maintenance costs with keeping the water lines in working order is not cost effective.

Our camping season is only maximum 7 months out of the year with only 4 of those months peak season and the cost alone for running city water to these sites has continued to grow in increasing numbers and we cannot continue to raise the camping rates to justify just for spigot service.

The long lengths of pipe required to repair the system which has multiple leaks is simply beyond any funds ever recoopable through camp fees. Not to mention the equipment rental and other costs associated with repair (one line runs under the county highway) 

   This decision was not an easy one to make.. and we simply want to keep the camp rates as affordable as we can so the campers can enjoy this great recreation area.

While we realize this may be a small inconvenience, The City of Elk River Offers a potable water fill at the RV Dump station located in front of the groomer shed on Front St. for donations only, you can fill your buckets or jugs from this location for washing dishes or cleaning up. 

Thank you for your understanding, We wish to keep the fees affordable so everyone can enjoy this recreation area with their friends and family.

Elk River Recreation District Board Members

Christine Yockey

Arlene Sande

Kami Nibler





March Madness..... 

Anyone who books their 2018 camping reservations online starting today through March 31, 2018, will receive your choice of 3 day 2 night resort stay or a 3 / 4 day cruise cabin ! All you pay is taxes n fees, no catch, no timeshare speech! !!!! The certificate will be sent to your email address you use to make payment reservation. Please feel free to share! !!! We are filling up fast for key event weekends!!!!!!

New - Rock Hunting Season is now open -- Check out ELK RIVER ROCKS on Facebook



***  Addition of Weekly Rates on all sites.. and Moose Cove, The Point and Lakeside have the availability for Monthly Rates***


You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to use this system, when you get to the how you will pay section the only selection is paypal, when you go to the next screen it will ask you if you have a paypal account or if you want to pay without setting up an account. You are able to pay with your Credit or Debit Card and Reservations can be made simply by clicking on the link below and following the instructions... If you need assistance please email us elkriverrecdist@idaho.net 

season is normally may to oct any year... however if you can camp, you must pay.......

Drop In Reservations are always welcome and will be taken on a first come, first serve basis - those who have prepaid Reservations have priority over Drop Ins - The reservation schedules are hung at each site, if there is a name with date, that means the site is reserved, drop ins must find one that is not reserved.....when making your online reservation, they must be made at least 7 days prior to arrival to avoid "double - bookings"...           

 You can click on the campsite info page to check out all of our sites (this also tells you what size campers fit in what sites)  and use the links from that page or If you already know what you want you can

 Click the link below to make your reservations --


Our new office is located at 35133 Dent Bridge Road
Just in front of Whispering Pines RV Park and across from the old mill burner just out of Elk River heading towards Orofino -
Drop in Campers Check in Here -
There is a Drop box for your convenience 


‚Äč2016/2017camp rates are $15.00 + tax per night, per site, per camping vessel

Weekly Rate: $90.00 +tax per week (1 free night per week)

Monthly Rate (Moose Cove, The Point and Lakeside ONLY): $300.00 +tax per month (2 free nights per week)

if you can fit two or more campers in one site it is still $15.00 each + tax per night or which ever rate is applicable...

Elk River is known for Year-round - "Family Fun in the BackCountry".....

  • Elk River is the trailhead to Hundreds of miles of trails for hiking,cross country skiing, snowmobiling, atv-ing, mushroom & huckleberry picking, hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, resting & relaxing. 
  • Step Back in Time as you take in the most breathtaking views of the area. 
  • We have many free natural attractions and outdoor recreation opportunities to entertain you, your family and friends
  • Visit Elk Creek Falls, The Giant Cedar Tree, Morris Cedar Grove, Elk River BackCountry Byway, and many community events.
  • Fly - in on Elk River's Airstrip and spend the night.
  • Our other local business' can accommodate your needs for food, fuel & spirits!

We look forward to seeing you in Elk River!!!!


Elk River Area Attractions

  • The Giant Cedar Tree
  • Elk Creek Falls
  • Morris Cedar Grove
  • Elk River BackCountry Byway
  • City Park
  • Gazebo Park
  • Elk Creek Reservoir
  • Grandad Bridge
  • Dent Bridge
  • Airstrip
  • Click on our Upcoming events link in the left column 

General Camp Rules

  •  These rates are for a "family" setting. Which would be one camper and perhaps a tent for the kids..
  • Daily and Weekly rates apply to ALL campsite areas, Monthly rates ONLY apply to Moose Cove, The Point and Lakeside campsite areas.
  • We keep our rates low to accommodate a family setting.. If you wish to add more campers, tents, etc... we can accommodate this, however, you may not put, for example, four couples, families, etc on one site for the low rate, even if there is enough room....so you will be charged for any additional rigs,campers, tents. The Camp Hosts will collect these fees when they do their rounds.
  • One camper Or One tent are allowed in each site ( kids tent will be at the discretion of the camp hosts. Additional campers or tents will be charged an additional $15 per night per site or whatever rate applies.
  •  If you are wanting to book several sites in one area, you will have to book them individually. (click on each site) and check out.
  • Reservation Policy: Please book online reservations at least 7 days prior to arrival. You can just drop in, if you decide at the last minute you want to come camping..... We will always have a space for you if you drive up and park is totally reserved, we will provide overflow sites...
  • Cancelation Policy: Cancelations must be made more than 14 days prior to the reservation date for a full refund. Any cancelations made inside the 14 days are subject to no refund, at our discretion.
  • We are improving and updating many of the sites that can accommodate larger groups... there will be fire rings and tables for all additional sites.
  • Senior Pass Card --- We do not honor these cards any longer, We never should have been accepting them... We are not nor never have been a state or federally funded campground. 
  • Prepaid reservations made 7 days prior to arrival, have guarantee that this site is available to them, Drop ins are on a first come first serve basis, and may be asked to move if they have set up camp in a "reserved" site. Reservation signs are posted from 3 - 7 days prior to reservation arrival dates.
  • All Pets must be kept on a leash and clean up after your pets.
  • Speed Limit is 5 MPH through the campgrounds. All motorized vehicles must be parked by 10 PM.
  • No livestock allowed in campground or parks
  • Moor all boats at least 50 feet from dock areas.
  • You May not block any public entry on roads or trails, inside of all campsites and out.... there must be enough room for emergency vehicles to access all camp areas and there are public access areas around the reservoir, do not park near docks, launch's, etc... and then leave and go out on water, if needed your vehicle will be towed at your expense... there are many free parking areas to leave your rigs/trailers as to not block campsites and/or access areas ( gazebo park, the parking lot across from the office)
  •  Extinguish your fire before leaving and PACK OUT all your garbage.
  • PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT If you leave garbage on your site after your departure, you will be charged for clean up.
  • Your children are your responsibility
  • Law enforcement will be called in after two warnings.
  • Quiet Time is 10 pm to 7 am. 
  •  Check out time is 2 PM
  • Check in time is 4 pm

Elk River Recreation District
PO Box 82
Elk River, Idaho